How can EIAPD be new and experienced at the same time? Well, the institute, founded 2023 is new. The founder (Jan) is experienced: 10+ years experience as founding director of a graduate academy in one of the biggest universities in Germany, hundreds of courses as organizer, some thousand particpants, dozens of trainers. We know the business although we just started. 


As EIAPD we are an institute, but the most important asset is our network of experienced and established trainers and facilitators. Courses of a high standard are developed in close cooperation between the EIAPD and trainers. The quality is ensured by the experience of the trainers and the framework provided by the EIAPD. This framework stipulates that even experienced trainers must provide references and that regular further training is expected.


It might seem untypical for an instute providing further education: Based in Telgte, a small town near Netherlands, we provide courses in different cities: M√ľnster, Jena, Cologne and more. Using our network and the network of our trainers we choose cities and book rooms that are inspiring and allow us to work according to our high standard. 

Our quality standard

  • Education. Every trainer has to prove a sufficient education as trainer
  • References. Every trainer provides at lease four excellent evaluations per year from external clients (university/corporate).
  • Language. Every Trainer demonstrates C1-Level English-skills.
  •  Academia. Every trainer demonstrates deeper knowledge of academic structures and qualifications.
  • Europe. Every trainer declares she/he supports the European idea / European Union.
  • Facilities. EIAPD verifies and guarantees that all facilities, locations, media and material are appropriate and on professional level.  

Our Team

Dr. Jan Schmidt

Founder and Training Specialist

Beth Lovelady

Operations and Technology Coordinator

Allie Eriksen

Digital Communications Coordinator