Our Trainers & Facilitators

Quality matters! To make sure you enjoy your participation in our courses we ensure that all trainers are experienced as trainers and familiar with the topic of the workshop. Although they design the workshops individually and independent we ...

  • evaluate every workshop.
  • are available 24h/day if there are any problems. 
  • ask every trainer to provide at least excellent external evaluations per year (companies / universities).
  • work according to Erasmus+ requierements.

Dr. Jan Schmidt, Trainer, Faciliator, Founder with 10+ years experience as founding director of a graduate academy at one of the largest German universities. Jan is passionate about creating space for people to develop further.

"And at this point a big praise!!!
I found the training yesterday not only very interesting in terms of content, but also outstandingly implemented technically and rhetorically. So the time was very entertaining

A.R. participant and 
consultant on university didactics.

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Dr. Christine Schmidt, Trainer, Coach and Research Consultant. Christine is our expert for 3rd party funding and and proposal writing. Though working as a freelancer for many years, she knows the current developments from a university perspective.

"Thank you very much for your great programme and valuable insights. I have
really learned an incredible amount in the last few months."

 M.K. participant and consultant on university Third-party expert
programme 2023.

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Dr. Sabina Schilcher-Gerlach, Trainer, Facilitator, Agile Coach. Sabina is an experienced management trainer and lecturer at the International School of Management. Focussing on Leadership and Teams her clients are form both areas: Science and business.
"The seminars with you are a real benefit. Theory can often be taught by anyone, but breaking the material down to the daily work and relevant practice is a quality feature of your experience and meticulous preparation. We always found a professional and confident seminar leader in your person."

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Dr. Alexander Britz, Trainer, Python Specialist, AI-Expert. After returning from his postdoc at Stanford University Alex took the decision to leave science and start as a freelance trainer focussing on researchers. This way he combines both his passions: Training and Science.

"ā€œI received a very useful introduction to a programming language I had never used before. Alex shared very useful material (notes, exercises and solutions), which is something I really appreciated. The way he explained and politely answered our questions was great.ā€

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PD Dr. Daniel Mertens, Scientist and Trainer - or: Trainer and Scientist? Daniel is both: Experienced researcher and head of two research groups and at the same time excellent trainer. You will be thrilled to meet a charismatic, creative and outstanding trainer!

"Daniel presented an outstanding program on scientific communication at a retreat of my department. Many participants called this the best workshop they had ever attended, and it has already had a very noticeable positive effect on group dynamics."

Prof. J.G. Director of Institute.

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Dr.-Ing. Christian Baron, Trainer and specialist for sustainability. Christian is expert in what we need more: sustainability. As a sparring partner for public institutions and companies he is keen on developing new ways and approaches to reduce waste and live sustainable. And this is an essential part of his workshops. Absolutely inspiring! 

"Christian perfectly responded to the needs of the students and stimulated new thoughts ā€¦ Iā€™m looking forward to further projects."

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