Young leaders in Research/Science

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Success in research needs more than being a brilliant scientist. Since a successful researcher will sooner or later lead a research group, leadership skills are essential to success. The first step in your development as a leader is to take responsibility for a group for the first time.This first leadership position shapes you as a person and your personality: There’s a new role in a social system, new tasks to be done and unexpected challenges occurring e.g. in communication. For this reason we will pay extra attention to this first step in leadership careers. Quite often additional challenges are resulting from the fact that you not only are leader but at the same time you have a boss. What does it mean to lead in a sandwich position? Let’s explore in the course!

TRAINER: Dr. Jan Schmidt

PLACE: Münster, Germany
FROM - TILL: September 02 - September 06, 2024
ACCOMMODATION: not provided
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