Supervising Doctoral Candidates 375€  (+ 19% VAT)

Starting as a postdoc, junior group leader or junior professor it is usually expected to supervise doctoral candidates. However, supervision is one of the tasks that is so 'normal' in academia that it is often neglected to be explained and prepared: "Everybody knows what supervision is so we don’t need to talk about it.“ - As a result of this mindset researchers who start supervising quite often feel abandoned. The workshop Supervising Doctoral Candidates addresses different aspects of supervision and provides insights in different aspects and requirements to gain skills (and confidence) to supervise. In previous workshops for postdocs and junior professors, it has proved useful to approach supervision from the perspective of sociological role theory and to identify three main tasks: Lead - Train - Facilitate.

This course is also available online. (15 till 17 April 2024)

TRAINER: Dr. Jan Schmidt
PLACE: Münster, Germany
FROM - TILL: May 13 - May 15, 2024
ACCOMMODATION: not provided
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