Cooperation & Leadership

You don't just want to do your job. You want to feel comfortable in your team and you want to achieve something. - Our courses support you and your team!

Supervising Doctoral Candidates

375 €  (+19% VAT)

May 13 - May 15, 2024

Münster, Germany

Master the art of supervising doctoral candidates with our workshop designed for postdocs, junior group leaders, and junior professors. Gain insights into leadership, training, and facilitation, and build the skills and confidence needed to excel in your role. 

Initiation into the World of Corporate Leadership

719 €

July 29 - August 2, 2024
Frankfurt/Oberursel, Germany

Navigate the transition from academia to the corporate world seamlessly. Learn essential communication skills, understand behavior dynamics, and develop strategies to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Young leaders in Research/Science

650 €

September 02 - September 06, 2024
Münster, Germany

Take the first step in your leadership journey as a research group leader. Learn essential skills to navigate challenges in communication and leading effectively, including handling the unique position of leading while at the same time having a boss.