Next Level Grant Writing Using AI

990 €

AI-based tools revolutionize scientific writing and enable researchers to work more efficiently and effectively. However, it is important for researchers to use these tools judiciously and with an understanding of their limitations. Although the range of tools is currently expanding exponentially, at the current stage we will discuss and use the following tools:
-extracting key claims, summarizing, brainstorming ideas and finding sources,
-enhanced literature review, connectivity of papers, interactive summaries of key
-texting (,

  • optimizing text
  • generating scientific text de novo, e.g. paragraphs, titles, whole cover letters
  • generating text for social media, e.g. tweets, LinkedIn posts etc.

-brainstorming of experimental planning and strategic planning ( We will discuss how to use AI to brainstorm which

  • scientific questions are relevant
  • scientific experiments can be used to address a specific question controls can be used in an experimental setup.

Throughout the interaction we will use questions / material / text / ideas from participants. Content / suggestions and questions from the participants will be implemented live online as input into the AI tools. These case studies and live exercises will help participants to apply the concepts and tools to their own scientific research. - Because AI-tools will take your science to the next level.

TRAINER: PD Dr. Daniel Mertens
PLACE: Vincente Coast Natural Park, Portugal
FROM - TILL: June 04 - 06, 2024
ACCOMMODATION: provided/ included.
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Step 1:

Step 2: Once the minimum number of participants has been reached on the one hand and the participation is approved by the manager on the other, the reservation is converted into a binding booking.